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Eye Surgery

Eye, being a fragile organ, needs extreme careful management and care. More such care is needed if eye is being subjected to some surgical process. An eye surgery must be conducted under expert supervision of a well qualified and well trained eye surgeon. All the surgical processes and methods must be conducted with safety and care.

Eye surgery compulsorily involves the application of anesthesia, especially local anesthesia. In case of patients being children, general anesthesia is highly recommended. It is also suggested that general anesthesia can be given in cases where there are traumatic eye injuries, apprehensive patients or major orbitotomies.

Some of the different types of surgery are as follows-
1. Laser eye surgery
2. Cataract eye surgery
3. Glaucoma eye surgery
4. Canaloplasty eye surgery
5. Refractive eye surgery
6. Corneal transplant eye surgery

The Laser Eye Surgery and the Refractive eye surgery although appears to be one and same, but Lasers are generally used for treatment of non-refractive conditions and refractive surgery is performed without laser use.

Cataract eye surgery is performed under the operating microscope. Cataract, being the cloudiness of the crystalline-lens of eye is caused due to the factors like trauma, ageing, and disease. The cataract prevents virtual loss of vision significantly. This calls for eye surgery for surgical removal of eye's lens.

Canaloplasty eye surgery is an advanced, non-penetrating procedure that is designed in such a way as to enhance the eye's natural drainage procedure. In this eye surgery, it makes a minor incision to get entry into eye's canal.

The Refractive eye surgery is meant for correction of refractive errors in the eye thus to minimize or eliminate the use of corrective lenses.

Corneal transplant eye surgery removes the diseased cornea and gets it replaced with a clear cornea from another donor.

One of the most preferred kinds of eye surgery is that of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is the kind of eye surgery that works over the face that has started to exhibit the symptoms of aging around the eyes such as under eye bags, sagging upper eyelids, puffy eyes and many more.

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